How to Use Pocket Option

Pocket Option is a unique brokerage company, offering the best variety of financial instruments for both beginners and experienced clients, as well as a wide range of services and access to innovative technologies.


The Pocket Option company stands out for its high trust rating, quality of services, and security.

A detailed review of the Pocket Option that we’ve conducted earlier, will allow you to get to know the intermediary better and understand why it is worth starting trading with this platform.


Pocket Option >website

Pocket Option clients can trade over several hundreds of different assets (including crypto) and receive various bonuses, open transactions on the derivatives market (futures, options) for commodities, stock indices, and other assets.

You can opt for only one direction or combine, which will expand your trading opportunities, so you can reach a desirable level of income.

The >website displays key statistics on the most liquid assets that are popular with clients.


Pocket Option has their own mobile app

Once again - previously, we’ve already reviewed this popular trading platform… though it seems like you guys have literally tons of questions, such as:

How to use pocket option?

What is pocket option minimum deposit?

How to deposit money on pocket option?

How to rollover on pocket option?

Does pocket option have rollover?

How long does pocket option deposit take?

What is pocket option withdrawal limit?

And so on…

So, in this article, we will cover the most frequently asked questions in detail.

How to use Pocket Option

In order to use Pocket Option, you must first register on the platform, though the whole registration process won't take you long (but if you're going to trade on a live account in order to increase your deposit/withdrawal limits, you'll still need to go through basic verification on the platform).


The registration process on Pocket Option won’t take you more than 5 minutes

Pocket Option minimum deposit

“OK, let’s say I want to start trading on Pocket Option and open my trading account… What is the minimum deposit I need to make to start trading on the platform?”

The minimum deposit on the Pocket Option platform is only $50, so don't worry - the minimum entry threshold is so low that literally, anyone can join Pocket Option.


Pocket Option trading

How to deposit money on pocket option?

Pocket Option provides a huge number of ways to deposit your funds into your trading account.

Possible methods include both various electronic wallets and the standard Visa/Mastercard options.

Also, recently, Pocket Option has allowed its users to make a deposit in the form of a cryptocurrency, in particular Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course, various stable coins (usdt, usdc).


How to use Pocket Option

How to roll over on pocket option

Does Pocket Option have ‘rollover’?

At the current moment, Pocket Option doesn’t appear to have a rollover feature.

What is a ‘rollover’?

And how do rollovers differ for different brokers?

When you start investing/trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges, you will definitely get acquainted with the concept of "rollover".

This is one of the main terms that every investor should know. Rollover is a special technical procedure that is performed after each trading interval (period), set by the broker.

During rollover:

  • The results of past transactions are recorded;
  • Profits or losses are shared between investors and the platform’s account manager;
  • Execution of requests for deposit and withdrawal of funds are processed;
  • Broker’s info on the platform gets updated;

It is important to remember that each broker has its own concept of "rollover", and therefore unique rules for its implementation.


Pocket Option trading (various indicators included)

For example, on many cryptocurrency exchanges and various online binary brokers (such as Pocket Option), an open rollover is initially set with a certain time interval.

At the same time, the rollover threshold cannot be less than once per trading day.

This is done so that investors can timely receive at their disposal additional funds for trading, and managers a commission for trust management.


Why use Pocket Option? The answer is in this article

In a nutshell, you can always apply for the withdrawal of earned funds in advance.

The money of those who, for various reasons, haven’t gone through it in advance, will be withdrawn from the account only at the next rollover.

Therefore, before you start investing, you need to carefully study the rollover features of your chosen broker and find out exactly what operations can be performed during this period.

Pocket Option withdrawal limit


By the way, Pocket Option has quite a unique feature to offer. It goes by the name “social trading”. Check it out

Additionally, the withdrawal minimum on Pocket Option is far lower than on its competitors’ platforms.

Instead of $50, you only have to withdraw $10 for a valid transaction.

Unlike some brokers, they also don’t charge a commission or fee for these transactions.

Whatever you withdraw is exactly what goes into your bank account or card.

How cool is that?

How long does Pocket Option withdrawal take?

Withdrawal time on the Pocket Option platform on average takes around a few minutes to an hour.

In exceptional cases, the platform may delay the withdrawal of funds up to 1 day, but such incidents are extremely rare.

Pocket option deposit time

How long does Pocket Option deposit take?

In case you need to make a deposit on the Pocket Option platform, the money is credited instantly - usually within 5 minutes from the moment of deposit.

Pocket Option customer service number

The Pocket Option platform provides its users with the opportunity to directly contact the support service.


Pocket Option Contacts

To do this, you can use any of the following methods:


You can reach the Pocket Option customer desk by phone using the following number if you need quick assistance regarding general issues:

+44 20 8123 4499

In addition to direct contact with a support specialist, any novice trader will find the necessary support among fellow traders on the public Pocket Option forum - Community Desk, where they can ask all the necessary questions and chat on topics of interest with other crypto enthusiasts.


For more than five years, Pocket Option has consistently maintained the quality of service and confirms its status as a reliable, open, and secure intermediary in order to offer the best conditions for binary and cryptocurrency trading.

On the official Pocket Option website, you can study all the information and do not rush to replenish your account right away, as you are offered a free training mode on a demo account.

Starting to trade with Pocket Option, you have ample opportunities to learn a new profession and unlock your investment potential for successful and high earnings.