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Pocket Option, a platform created around five years ago by Gembell Limited, has practically conquered the trading community by storm. The company is one of the leading online brokerage platforms, with over a hundred different assets and trading opportunities to offer.

Best Pocket Option Trading Strategies

Pocket Option started as a binary options broker and has since grown into a wide variety of financial instruments/assets multi-platform, though binary options are still considered to be the main one on the platform.

Previously, we’ve thoroughly reviewed the Pocket Option platform in detail, basically giving you a full Pocket Option tutorial, but many of you (already familiar with the platform’s capabilities) wanted a bit of “in-depth” material in regards to some actual trading strategies that can be used there.


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Pocket Option Signals

By the way, speaking of Pocket Option trading signals.

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Pocket Option review 2022

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In this article, we will analyze in detail one of the most effective trading strategies on Pocket Option, which goes by the name “economic calendar”.


Support and Resistance levels - terms you should’ve known by now if you’re serious about the trading game

What is the online economic calendar is used for?

The economic calendar is a necessary and extremely useful analytical tool for trading not only on standard trading platforms (such as Forex) but also when trading binary options on some cryptocurrency trading platforms, such as Pocket Option, for example.

The most important political and economic events are usually known in advance.

The economic calendar for binary options contains a schedule of all the most significant events and news that can affect the market.


You know you don’t need to have some fancy ‘built-in’ economic calendar application on your Pocket Option account. You can just use any available service (tons of them!) separately

Each event is associated with a particular country, which means that the exchange rate can change dramatically after the release of the news.

Economic calendar data can be used in different ways:

  • It can be used in order to determine in advance the moments when there is a high probability of the market price going down (due to the release of FUDs), so you can restrain from trading during this time;
  • The data shown on the calendar can be used in order to perform successful transactions during the release of the news, in order to make money on the market movement.

The economic calendar shows the events that have passed, are taking place, and will take place in the world related to all kinds of areas, whether it’s the economy, politics, etc.

Thus, the economic calendar is needed to show events that may affect the price dynamic during trading.



Pocket Option Economic Calendar

Alright, so here we have our economic calendar, which data displays what events are expected in the near future.

At the same time, you can check out the information that has already become history, what data has been released on the market, how it affected the behavior of the market price behind a particular asset you’re interested in.

There are all kinds of indicators (time, which is shown in either left or right column of the calendar, depending on your interface settings, followed by the flags of the countries particular news is linked to).

An abbreviation of the currency of each country is placed behind the flag. For example, if we are talking about some event taking place in the USA, then the USD symbol will be displayed.

News differ by their impact on the market price of a particular asset.

Keeping an eye on positive news and various FUDs, that affect the outcome of important economic events is very important for every trader, it can be easily used to your advantage since practically, any little thing can affect the increase or decrease in the price of a particular asset.

There are built-in economic online calendars on some broker trading platforms. The best binary options brokers try to offer a whole variety of instruments to their users, and Pocket Option is certainly not an exception.


“Sell” and “Buy”
Binary Options in a nutshell

The structure of the economic calendar Pocket Option and binary options

The structure of the economic calendar is made up of chronologically ordered economic and political events.

Statistical data and economic forecasts are also included in the structure of the economic calendar. The online calendar of events shows economic indicators that you can find on the Pocket Option website.

In the online economic calendar of events, you can find information showing the change in GDP, retail sales volumes, and other data that can positively or negatively affect your trading.

When this data is being published on the economic online calendar, previous and forecast values ​​are indicated as well for a complete analysis of the situation.


Finally, a few general tips to help you on your way to becoming a successful trader (and no, they’re not mythical creatures! I’ve seen ‘em!)


You have probably come across books that would be called, for example, "How to build a billion-dollar company from scratch" or "Seven rules every successful businessman should abide", etc.

Such clickbait titles are needed in order to sell this kind of literature to the maximum number of people who want to get their hands on the special sauce behind every “success story”.

Well, let there be no guarantees, but let's figure out how to increase your chances on the path to success.

Don't be afraid to try out!

You should always seek new strategies, trying to implement them right away to figure what’s working and what’s not.


By the way, have we mentioned that Pocket Option has a mobile app as well??

This rule is very important and works in any area, including personal life, and quite obviously it works in entrepreneurship.

Of course, not everything goes as planned, there will be failures, but all the failures will bring new experiences with them.


If you are serious about trading and want to succeed here, then you will definitely have to set up your trading ‘work ethics’, so to say.

Set yourself up in such a way that you do not treat binary options as a game of chance or a “freebie”.

If you thoughtlessly bet on luck, not having any strategy whatsoever, then this will be a gambling game, which inevitably ends up with you losing in it (and that’s why gambling is not considered trading).

To make money here, you need a totally different approach, based on having a strategy and being in a constant development mode.

Use only those strategies, the results of which you’ve actually seen proven in action. Don't waste your time and energy testing numerous systems, many of which will probably turn out to be good for nothing.

It is quite possible to become a successful trader on the binary options platform, but only a few reach this level.

Patience and work are perhaps the main factors that you should pay attention to when striving for a goal.

Cliche, but true.